hot to the touch, cold on the inside

The world is a filthy place; it's a filthy goddamn horror show. I've lived it, died in it, and I'm still here. I'm stuck in the Murder House, eternally pining.
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//coupla selfies for munday. These are my “mum thinks im not feminine enough so I couldn’t get real thredson glasses” glasses.

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Taissa Farmiga in Mindscape/Anna

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Fantastic four

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american horror story blog ♚


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hell yeah i like roleplaying

oh. oh you meant the erotic in the bedroom kind. not the pretending to be a fictional character online kind. oh. my bad

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"Tate. Tate. Tate. Tate. Tater Tot. Tate. Pookie. Tate. Tate. Tate." //Cris really wanted to annoy him.

"Do not call me that." Tate was in a mood.
//that’s okay! I missed her

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american horror story blog ♚

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I always thought of it as sort of the perfect ending for the two of them.  It seemed so fitting and of course we were always talking about, James Cromwell and I were always sitting around talking about Shakespeare like big theater dorks and so we felt like we’d gotten a nice, Ryan had given us a sort of beautiful Shakespearian ending in a horror story Shakespearian ending.  But I think it seemed sort of completely sort of the perfect end to the very, very, very bizarre and complicated and dark love story of sorts.  I think for him he really had loved her for so long and been so devoted to her; and I can’t speak for James, but I feel like that was just maybe the last straw for him. - Lily Rabe

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This scene completely broke my heart.

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